Waxing Treatments

  • Back wax £20
  • Back and shoulder wax £25
  • Chest wax £20
  • Chest and stomach wax £25 (add £5 if the pubic hair is removed as well)
  • Full leg £30
  • Full arms £25
  • Ears £10
  • Eyebrows £10
  • Nasal hair £10
  • Full body wax £150

Intimate Waxing Treatments

  • Full Back, Sac & Crack £60
  • Scrotum, Penis, Buttocks & Crack £45
  • Buttock Cheeks £15
  • Buttock Cheeks & Crack £22
  • Buttock Crack £12
  • Scrotum. Penis & Pubic Triangle £30
  • Scrotum including Penis £20

Prices based on normal body hair, if the hair is extra thick and course, or needs trimming before there may be a small extra charge.

These are the most popular treatments, and can be done in any combination, if you can't see what you want please ask I am happy to do as little or as much as you want.

Metique Tea Tree Hygenic Skin Wash and After Wax Lotion supplied to help keep your skin it perfect condition after your waxing treatment.

Retail Products For Sale

I stock a range of Metique Tea Tree skin care products to help keep your skin in tip top condition.

Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage: A really relaxing classic massage therapy to sooth aching muscles, and help to reduce your stress levels, giving you a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

  • 30 min Back and Shoulder Massage £25.
  • 60 Min Full Body Massage £40.
  • 90 Min Full Body Massage £60.

Deep Tissue Massage: A massage that aims to help deal with muscle problems and muscle tension, using slower strokes and finger pressure that works deeper into the muscle tissue to release knots and muscle abrasions while working on more specific areas of the body where problems often occur, this massage is especially good if you are a keen sportsman.

  • 60 min Full body Massage £40.

Hot Stone Massage: Hot basalt stones used within a massage routine will totally relax and destress you on a very deepest level while balancing and harmonising your body. And is up to ten times more effective than an ordinary massage.

  • 75 Min Full Body Treatment £55.

Body Hair Trimming

This is for men who don't want to be totally hair free, but like to have neat trimmed body appearance. To achieve this look, I use professional hair clippers with a range of grades, enabling me to get the right look for each client.


  • Chest and Abs £10
  • Back and Shoulders £10
  • Groin area £10
  • Full Legs and speedo line £15
  • Arms £8
  • Buttocks £10
  • Full Body £45


Fantastic Massage its really doing me a lot of good - Chris, Tarring