Perron Rigot: Everything For The Salon.

depilatory waxes and beauty care.

Perron Rigot is a French manufacturer of depilatory waxes used by beauty practitioners and salons the world over.

Depilatory waxing is the premier beauty-care treatment, because it is natural, respects the skin, and serves as the preliminary to many other treatments.

It is a demanding art that requires quality waxes and true expertise. To achieve the best possible results, beauty professionals will find, in our catalogue listing more than 340 items:

  • all the traditional and avant-garde waxes, and , suited to waxing all parts of the body and face;
  • the best choice of waxing equipment, waxing accessories and pre- and post-waxing care products;
  • a selection of beauty-care products for the face and body, consumables and treatment-booth equipment.

With 30 years of innovation and more than 20 patents behind them, Perron Rigot is constantly developing new formulas. The company holds the patent on formulas for low-temperature waxes and is the inventor of no-strip disposable wax.

As a recognized expert in depilatory waxing, Perron Rigot is strongly committed to professional training, both in schools and continuing training for beauty practitioners.



Fantastic Massage its really doing me a lot of good - Chris, Tarring