About Waxing For Men

Philip Carter

Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT)
- Wax depilation (Chichester College)
VTCT- Swedish Massage (Chichester College)
Practitioners Diploma in Advanced/ Deep Tissue Massage
Axiom Certified Advanced Male waxing Certificate
Kim Lawless trained Male Brazilian waxing expert
Member of : The Guild of Beauty Therapists

Philip has worked in the male grooming industry for many years as a salon owner and waxing and massage therapist. He decided to specialise in treatments for men as most men are not keen on going to traditional beauty salons for treatment. Men tend to be more relaxed with a male professional therapist especially when it comes to intimate waxing. This enhances any treatment and lessens any possible embarrassment.

Types of Wax

There are a number of waxes used in the practice or hair removel all are designed for different parts of the body, I use a high quality Strip Wax for the larger and less sensitive areas of the body while for all Intimate Waxing Treatments are carried out using a Non Strip Wax, together with a Pre and Post wax lotion it all adds up to less painful and a more comfortable waxing experience.

Warm Wax

This can be used on most areas of the body, heated to a pleasant warm temp it is applied with a spatula in a thin film and then taken off using a paper strip.

Genital and intimate hair removal

With the growing trend for complete hair removal from the intimate areas of the body, a special wax, designed for the purpose, is used, the wax is thick almost like soft Toffee when warmed and is applied in small strips to the area to be waxed. Unlike warm wax it does not adhere to the skin but gently shrink wraps the hair, staying flexible as it cools and dries. Then it is quickly removed, taking the hair with it. Using this wax makes the waxing the male genital area a much less painful and more comfortable experience, and clients are amazed at the results

Waxing Treatment

Before a treatment starts, there is a full consultation with a client. This establishes exactly what is required. I will only go-ahead with a treatment when the client is happy with, and understands the procedure.

  • A prewax treatment is used to prepare, cleanse and deodorise the skin.
  • A small amount of Jasmine oil is applied to the area to be waxed, forming light limpid barrier to the skin making it more comfortable for the client and stopping the wax from sticking to the skin.
  • After the area has been waxed, a soothing lotion is applied to calm the skin and help to restore the skin's natural balance.


Excellent Massage it really helped my frozen shoulder - David, Rustington